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Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP or higher.
Web Browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher.
Display Resolution
It is recommended that you configure your display resolution to a minimum of 1024x768 pixels.
What is it?
Display resolution is basically "how much stuff" you can fit on your screen. If you've ever been to a web site and everything looked crowded or the text fonts looked huge, there's a good chance your computer was set at a resolution the web page designer didn't target for. Resolution is measured in pixels (tiny blocks of color that make up a computer screen) and "color depth". For example, if someone says "your computer is set for 640 X 480 X 256 resolution", what they're really saying is that your computer's video equipment is set up so that it can display 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high and that it can show up to 256 colors at a time.
Why would I change it?
There's lots of reasons why you might want to change the display resolution of your computer. 256 colors sounds like a lot, but photographs can look terrible in 256 colors. A screen width of 640 pixels is so narrow that if you need to see a whole page of paper at a time, you often have to zoom out (loosing image clarity) to see the whole document. Although screen resolution is somewhat of a personal choice, many web site designers expect that their audience is capable of viewing an 800 X 600 X 256 screen without scrolling much. If you're using the Windows 95/98 default resolution of 640 X 480, you're probably seeing much of the web totally differently than how its authors intended.